The Carthusian monks who chose a solitary life will be grateful to you for respecting their solitude. Regular mail is incompatible with their life, and even to their close relatives they rarely write. However, if you have any questions about a possible vocation to their life, you can write to one of the houses whose address you will find on the page « The Monasteries ».

If you are thinking about a vocation and you have difficulty contacting one of the houses of the Order or you do not know exactly where to go, send your mail to: vacations (Exclusive address for vocations; any message on another subject will not be answered). The information will be forwarded to the most appropriate house.

To give your reactions or express a wish concerning this website, you can write to the Webmaster of the site at the following address: You will not receive a reply (thank you for your understanding).

For historical and scientific questions, you can contact :

Alain Girard
Centre de Recherches Cartusiennes
30130 Pont-Saint-Esprit