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Typical day of a carthusian nun

Morning praise in the secret of the cell

At 7.00 a.m. we are called to prayer. A prayer of thanksgiving for the wonders of creation and for the resurrection of Our Lord who takes us with him, the office of Prime is recited by each nun in her cell. At the sound of the bell, all pray together at the same time, thereby making the monastery one single praise to the glory of God.

According to their orientation, the converse sisters can recite the same office of psalms as the cloister nuns, or an office composed of Our Father’s, Hail Mary’s, and Glory be’s, which sums up, in itself, all prayer and links her to a long monastic tradition. Whatever the formula, this liturgical prayer is an office of the Church. Through the Carthusian Order, the Church entrusts the nun with a true ministry.

Next, a time of silent prayer follows. The Carthusian nun tries to offer to God a simple heart and purified spirit, and to fix her thoughts and affections on Him. If she is faithful to this day after day, there will be born in her, from that very silence, something that will draw her to more silence. And in this silence she will be graced not just with serving God, but with cleaving to Him.

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