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Typical day of a carthusian nun

Evening Praise

4.00 p.m.: The bell summons us to Vespers. On passing through the door of the church, we enter into the dwelling place of God, and also into a time of prayer which marks the end of the day. The evening prayers of praise are celebrated as the decline of the day invites the soul to a spiritual sabbath, because « a sabbath rest still remains for the people of God. » (Heb. 4:9)


Conscious of our responsibility, we put ourselves at peace, in openness to God alone.

The converse sister can participate in the praises in the church or she can let them rise from her heart in the silence of cell. Any work that follows remains imbued with that spirit of praise. Once her work is finished, the nun returns to cell where she consecrates herself to silent prayer like her sister in the choir.


After the meal (or collation if it is a day on which we are observing a fast) we have a period of free time at our disposal. Spiritual reading precedes Compline.

The day ends with a vocal or silent prayer to Mary. The filial love of the Carthusian for the Virgin can be expressed by the recitation of her office. This office is a participation in the Virgin’s thanksgiving for Redemption.

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