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Charterhouse of the Transfiguration
( United States of America )

Monastery of monks

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Chartreuse de la Transfiguration

Carthusian Monastery
1084 Ave Maria Way
ARLINGTON, Vermont 05250

United States of AmericaAbroad
Tel. :802 362 25 5000 1 802 362 25 50
Fax. :802 362 35 8400 1 802 362 35 84
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The web site of the Charterhouse of the Transfiguration consists of a selection of published texts or parts of texts written by Carthusians for Carthusians: sermons, novice conferences, pastoral letters from Reverend Fathers and priors, booklets, and the like. They explain the Carthusian need for silence and solitude: that is "to let the Lord utter within us a word which is equal to Himself," and speak of the ideal and of everyday challenges of Carthusian life in the desert. The site contains also numerous pictures of the monastery and its environment. It is hoped that all the elements brought together present a comprehensive picture of Carthusian life at the Charterhouse of the Transfiguration, in Vermont, USA.


Booklet on the monastery :

Carthusian Life (complete: 27 p., Pdf: 1,7MB)

Or in four parts :

Carthusian Life : Part 1 (Pdf: 152 KB)
Carthusian Life : Part 2 (Pdf: 186 KB)
Carthusian Life : Part 3 (Pdf: 267 KB)
Carthusian Life : Part 4 (Pdf: 336 KB)

Or download a leaflet :

Carthusian Life (2 p.)

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