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Pleterje Charterhouse
( Slovenia )

Monastery of monks

Address and contacts

Kartuzija Pleterje

Drča 1

Tel. :730 81 22500 386 730 81 225
Fax. :730 81 21900 386 730 81 219
Email :
Website :

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1403Count Herman II of Celje establishes Pleterje Charterhouse.
1406Building completed.
1471Turkish attack destroys Charterhouse. Rebuilt Charterhouse resembles fortress.
1593Due to material and spiritual decay, Archduke Ferdinand II hands over Pleterje Charterhouse to the Jesuits of Ljubljana.
1772After suppression of the Jesuit Order, Pleterje becomes state property.
1839Pleterje becomes privately owned.
1899Carthusian Order repurchases Pleterje. Building of new Charterhouse begins.
1904Completion of Charterhouse’s rebuilding. November 3 Pleterje Church consecrated to Mary, under title “Throne of The Most Holy Trinity”.
1943“Partisan” communist attack destroys 17 cells by fire.
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